30L HOOLOO Distiller Brewer(CT30Cu)

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Product description


HOOLOO CT30Cu Distiller,suitable for home use and small workshops, unique glass tower structure, multi-layer distillation.Self-contained electric heating is controlled by a knob,Pure Copper Crystal,Complete Distillation,Exquisite Brewing Equipment.can be used for gin, whiskey, brandy, vodka, rum and hydrosol and essential oil production.

Encounter Hooloo and enjoy distilling!

  • High-quality spirits

  • Honeycomb style super fast cooling

  • Easy to Operate

  • Durable & Tight Seal

  • Versatile Application

    1, After receiving and installing it, please make a distillation of distilled water. This operation is used for product sterilization and testing, and is also for familiarity with machine operation.

    2, Please clean and dry the distiller after using.
    3, Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before you bid.

    Key Feature

    Thick material

    CT30Cu Glass Column Copper Lid Distiller,Pure Copper Crystal,Complete Distillation,Exquisite Brewing Equipment.Pure copper canbe combined with sulfide to eliminate sulfide,Quick removalmethanol/alde-hyde,Lock-in fuseloil,The secret ofimproving spiritquality.

    Tube condenser

    Compared with the coil type condenser, it has better condensation efficiency, four tubes with large condensation area, and can quickly condense distilled spirits.

    Convenient Usage

    The built-in Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometers can make the distillation more controllable and accurate. The operator can quickly check the temperature while running the still, to ensure a better distillation effect.

    Strong Sealing Performance

    We use food-grade silicone tubes with greater flexibility to ensure a better seal, and four upgraded sealing buckles and silicone sealing rings make it a tight fit.good sealing,less escaping during distillation and higher efficiency in producing spirits.

    Multipurpose Usage

    Our stills can be used in different occasions, for the production of gin, whiskey, brandy, vodka, rum and hydrosol and essential oils, suitable for heating methods such as gas stoves, wood fires, electric ceramic stoves, induction cookers, etc.

    Pure copper material

    Our stills are made of 99.95% pure copper, with thicker bottoms, more product materials, and thicker materials.


    • Name: CT30Cu Distiller

    • Material: 304L Stainless Steel and 99.95%CU Pure Copper

    • Capacity: 30L

    • Testing and certification: ISO9001/ISO14001/FCC/CE

    • Size:45x32x104cm

    • Way to heat up:Gas stove/firewood/electric ceramics/induction cooker, etc.

    Free gift

    • 1 x Sieve Basket

    • 1 x Cooling Pipe

    • 1 x Globe Valve

    • 1 x Water Fitting

    • 1 x Sponge wipe

    • 1 x Cotton Mesh Bag

    • 1 x Spare Sealing Ring

    • 1 x Silicon TubeX0.5 meter