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22L Stainless Steel Distiller(ST22)

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Our Product

Our Product

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  • HOOLOO 6 Gallon High-quality special distillation pot


(1)HOOLOO Special distillation stainless steel pot

(2)German craftsmanship


  • 304 stainless steel top cover


It is composed of a stainless steel top cover with good sealing, and has a mechanical thermometer and pressure safety valve on the side.


  • Stainless Steel distillation tower- 4-layer 4 chips


It consists of four stainless steel columns, with a 99.95% pure copper reaction core inside, which effectively removes undesirable impurities in distilled spirit, makes the spirit tend to esterify and improve the quality of the spirit.


  • Reflux towerFirst Condenser
  • 180° Crescent Shaped Connection Tube &Temperature Display Device
  • Spirit CondenserSecond Condenser



stainless steel

The Distillation Column

99.95% Pure Copper Inner Core

99.95% Pure Copper Inner Core


  • Thick pure copper core material
  • Effective removal of sulfur-containing substances in wine
  • Make wine purer and healthier



Product advantages

Easy to clean