How to Make Brandy

by XuCharles on Nov 06, 2023

How to Make Brandy

Sample and easy to make

Background Of Brandy

Brandy, originally from the Dutch “Brandewijn”, means "fired liquid". Brandy is a kind of distilled spirit, fruit as raw materials, after fermentation, distillation, storage after brewing. Distilled spirit with grapes as raw materials is called grape brandy, often said brandy, refers to grape brandy. Other fruit raw materials into brandy, should add the name of the fruit, apple brandy, cherry brandy, etc. But they are far less well-known than the former.

Brandy is often called "the soul of wine". There are many countries producing brandy in the world, but the brandy produced by France is the most famous. Among the brandies produced in France, the cognac region is the most beautiful, followed by the Aven region (Yamennec). In addition to French brandy, other wine rich countries, such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United States, Peru, Germany, South Africa, Greece and other countries, also have the production of a certain number of different styles of brandy. The quality of brandy produced in CIS countries is also excellent.



Classification of Brandy

There are many countries in the world are producing brandy, such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United States and so on, but the quality of the brandy produced in France is the best, and the French cognac and Almagnac two regions of the product is the best, among them, the quality of cognac is recognized by the world, the most famous.

Divided into different places of origin and raw materials:

  1. Franch Brandy
  4. Kirschwasser
  5. Ameican Brandy
  6. Spanish Brandy
  7. Italian Brandy
  8. German Brandy




Brandy brewing technology is exquisite, especially pay attention to the aging time and blending skills, among which the aging time is an important standard to measure the quality of brandy. Cognac manufacturers in the region stored in oak barrels, some as long as 40 to 70 years. They make use of different years of alcohol, according to their own generations of secret formula to carefully blend, to create a variety of quality, different styles of cognac. Brandy is made with great care in the oak barrels in which the liquid is stored. Due to the great influence of oak barrels on quality, the selection of wood and the production of barrels are very strict. The best oak comes from the Cognac region of Limousin and Torces. Due to the quality of brandy and the grade of the spirit and its aging time in oak barrels have a close relationship, so the preservation of brandy is very important. As for the age of the specific vintage, each winery according to the regulations of the French government, set the aging time is different. What needs to be emphasized here is that the change of brandy quality during the brewing period is only carried out in oak barrels, and the quality of its liquor will not change after bottling.


 Five common ways to drink brandy:

2/3 Hot coffee +1/3 Brandy (more like Irish coffee flavor)

1/2 hot sugar water +1/2 brandy

2/3 Hot tea +1/3 brandy

Pepsi can be added.

add 3 ice cubes + mineral water + slowly pour in brandy


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