Stainless steel fermentation tank

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Product description

Stainless Steel Fermentation Barrel

Food grade SS304L material, high quality thickening material.

Capacity: 21L/50L/72L/98L/170L/228L.

This model has two versions: normal version and temperature control version.


High-speed constant temperature fermentation, one step faster

A variety of capacities are available to suit a variety of people.

7-15 days fermentation time.

Fermentation and sealing can be done in one barrel

Cover the fermentation cover, put the heating rod, and become the fermentation king.

Controllable fermentation and easy control

Bottom of the barrel, buckle, real-time thermometer, temperature-controlled fermentation cover, air valve, SS304L valve, barrel body

A variety of scenes can be done in one bucket

Fermentation storage spirits, storage rice, buckets
Milk bucket, storage of dried tangerine peel