HOOLOO 8L Copper Essential Oil/Hydrosol Still/Distiller

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HOOLOO 8L Copper Essential Oil/Hydrosol Still/Distiller

HOOLOO 8L Copper Essential Oil/Hydrosol Still/Distiller

Regulärer Preis $699.00 USD
Verkaufspreis $699.00 USD Regulärer Preis $799.00 USD
HOOLOO 8L Copper Distiller
The 8L copper distiller is ideal for those looking to produce high-quality essential oils at home or on a small scale. Copper is the material of choice due to its excellent thermal conductivity and its ability to remove sulfur compounds, which can negatively affect the scent and quality of the essential oils.
This distiller's built-in thermometer is a significant advantage, allowing users to maintain precise control over the temperature, which is critical for preserving the delicate compounds in essential oils. The 8L capacity is perfect for small to medium batch production, making it ideal for personal use, hobbyists, or small businesses.

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The company created its own "HOOLOO" brand, registered the US trademark of the HOOLOO brand, and passed ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, FCC certification. At present, it mainly produces and assembles small and medium-sized distillation equipment (including brewing equipment, pure dew essential oil equipment, etc). The company's team has strong product research and development capabilities and professional service capabilities. New products are launched irregularly every month. Many products have design patents and invention patents.
The company's products are mainly for three types of customers: domestic and foreign brewing users, pure dew essential oil lovers, and disinfectant alcohol producers.
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1, After receiving and installing it, please make a distillation of distilled water. This operation is used for product sterilization and testing, and is also for familiarity with machine operation.

2, Please clean and dry the distiller after using.
3, Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before you bid.

Key Features
Production rocess
The 8L copper essential oil distiller is expertly crafted from high-quality copper and stainless steel using laser cutting and CNC machining for precision. The parts are press-formed, manually assembled, and TIG welded for durability. It is polished and passivated for a smooth, corrosion-resistant finish, then thoroughly inspected and pressure-tested before final assembly and packaging, ensuring a high-performance, reliable distiller.
Superior induction base
A 3mm magnetic plate is installed at the bottom of the distiller to make the equipment more stable and less likely to shake when placed flat, and the electric heater is used to heat faster and more evenly. The pot body is made of pure copper, which conducts heat faster and greatly speeds up the distillation heating time. The pot is heated by direct fire, and can be heated by electric ceramic stoves, induction cookers, natural gas, open flames, etc.
Copper use and maintenance
HOOLOO Distill uses pure C10000 red copper for its equipment and parts, developing a protective bronze oxide layer over time. Store in a dry place to prevent verdigris. Clean with a copper reducing agent if needed, then dry. Verdigris doesn't evaporate with steam, ensuring safe use. Use metal polishing paste on outer surfaces for liquid spots, avoiding gas or liquid contact areas.
Working principle
It works on the principle of steam distillation, where water is heated to generate steam. This steam passes through the botanical material contained in the boiling flask or still pot, causing the essential oils and other volatile compounds to vaporize. The vapor then travels through a cooling system, such as a condenser, where it condenses back into liquid form. As a result, the essential oil separates from the water and collects in a receiving vessel.
Versatile pplications
The 8L copper essential oil distiller is versatile, suitable for extracting a variety of aromatic compounds from herbs, flowers, and other botanicals. Its robust design and efficient steam distillation process ensure high-quality output, while the copper construction provides even heat distribution, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Whether producing lavender, peppermint, or other botanical oils, this distiller delivers reliable results.
Complete Accessories
The advanced essential oil distiller set includes the main components: a copper tank, a condenser with cooling tubes, and connecting pipes. Additionally, it comes with essential oil separators, allowing you to efficiently separate and collect the essential oils from the hydrosol. Other accessories include a triple clamp, temperature gauge, sealing rings, and a user manual to guide you through the distillation process.
  • Name: 8L Copper Distiller

  • Heating: Direct heating

  • Capacity: 8L

  • Working capacity: 5.8L

  • Size: 345×204×586mm

  • Weight: 6kg

  • Material: Red Copper, SS304

  • Use: Hydrosols, Essential Oils

Free gift
  • 1 x Cooling pipe

  • 1 x Water fitting

  • 1 x Spare sealing ring

  • 1 x Silicon tubeX0.5 meter